Tubular Big Bag with cross corner loops
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Tubular Big Bag with cross corner loops

Cross Corner Loop style FIBC bag, big bag, bulk bag, jumbo bag, baffle bag, super sack, ton bag, building bag, sand bag :
Bag body: tubular body, without any vertical side seams on the bag body, usually with 8pcs of reinforcement lines for lifting straps sewn onto
Bag top: open fully, or with flap, or with duffle (skirt), or with filling spout
Bag bottom: closed (flat) , or with discharging spout
Bag bottom size: bag bottom can be with size 85x85cm, or 90x90cm, or 95x95cm, or 100x100cm, or 105x105cm, or 110x110cm
  • SQB7

  • EBIC

  • 63053200

Advantages of FIBC bag (big bag, bulk bag, jumbo bag):
1.       Efficient for transporting :500kg,1000kg,1500kg or 2000kg as one transport unit instead of 50kg  before.
2.       Convenient for handling : both charging & discharging .
3.       Common equipments in operation: forklift or crane enough .
4.       Easily folded into small body for convenience of re-use & storage.
Cross Corner Loop Style Big Bag (FIBC) with tubular body:
Different colors for body fabric and lifting belt are available;
Bag body fabric with anti-UV treatment for nti-aging;
Bag body fabric with inside coating (lamination) for moisture proof is availbale;
LDPE liner ( tubular body or form same as outer bag) is available;
Filler cord as siftproof material for anti-leaking is available;
Customer's logo can be printed on the bag body, up to 3colors on one side;
Warning tag & document pocket are available;

SQB7-A & SQB7-B & SQB7-C ; with flat (closed) bottom ( means no discharge spout) .
SQB7-A top is fully open, no top panel ;
SQB7-B top with duffle for filling ;
SQB7-C top with spout for filling ;
SQB7-D & SQB7-E & SQB7-F : with spout bottom (discharge spout) ;
SQB7-D top is fully open, no top panel ;
SQB7-E top with duffle for filling ;
SQB7-F top with spout for filling ;

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